You can now choose any 8 songs from the lists below and receive them for just $20.
All you have to do is email your selection (Number and Song Name) to geoffward02@gmail.com

You can mix and match Hoedowns and Singers.
I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.
Once I receive payment you will receive the download links.

List of Hoedown Releases

SP1002-Love Generation
SP1007-Dueling Violins
SP1010-Mule Skinner
SP1011-Globe Trekker
SP1013-Shades of Graceland
SP1020-Square Trance
SP1022-Keep On Dancing
SP1028 Moving On
SP1031-Soca Salsa
SP1037-Trans Atlantic
SP1039-BBQ Beans
SP1042-Time is Tight
SP1043-Rough Rider
SP1053-Sun Shine
SP1056-Bang a Gong
SP1057-You and Me
SP1059-One Shot
SP1062-Born To Drive
SP1063-The Nights
SP1065-Da Bop

List of Singer Releases

SP1003-What Say You
SP1004-Cunnamulla Fella
SP1005-Gimme Hope Joanna
SP1006-You Got What It Takes
SP1008-Reggae Cowboy
SP1009-Mercedes Benz
SP1012-Ex Old Man
SP1014-No No Never
SP1015-She’s So California
SP1016-I Should Have Known Better
SP1017-Cowboy Casanova
SP1018-People Like Us
SP1019-Borderline Crazy
SP1021-Good Little Girls
SP1023-Girls that Drink Beer
SP1024-This Ones for the Girls
SP1025-I Haven’t Met You Yet
SP1026-Sad on a Saturday Night
SP1027-Wake Me Up
SP1029-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
SP1030-The Locomotion
SP1032-Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

List of Singer Releases

SP1033-Maggie May
SP1034-The Bossa Nova
SP1036-I Just Called to Say
SP1038-Fire on the Mountain
SP1040-Moonlight Shadow
SP1041-Santa Maria
SP1044-Pink Shoe Laces
SP1045-The Power of Love
SP1046-The Edge of Gory
SP1047-Coming Back as a Man
SP1048 Nobody Gets Off
SP1050-Country Boys Roll
SP1051-Cryin’ Watin’ Hopin’
SP1052-Things We Said Today
SP1054-I Saw Mommy
SP1055-Winter Wonderland
SP1058-Jeans On
SP1060-Calm After the Storm
SP1061-Faithful Heart
SP1064-How Do ‘Ya Like Your Eggs
SP1067-Leaving in Your Eyes
SP1068-Can’t Stop Me Now
SP1069-One of These Nights