Shindig Productions

Square Dance Music for Callers and Dancers

(Cue Sheet Sample)
4 Ladies Promenade inside the ring
Get back swing your man
All join hands circle left go round
Left allemande weave the ring
Weave in and out around the ring
Swing your lady Promenade
What Say You, What Say You

Heads Square Thru go 4 hands around
Face your corner Dosado
Come On, Swing Thru, Boys Trade, Boys Run Right,
Yeah Bend the Line
Star Thru, Dive Thru, Square Thru 3
Swing your corner Promenade
What Say You, What Say You

SP1003 What Say You
Release Date: July 2008
BPM: 126
Original recording by Travis Tritt & John Mellencamp
Vocals - Geoff Ward