Shindig Productions

Square Dance Music for Callers and Dancers

(Cue Sheet Sample)
Circle Left
My love is stronger now than you'll ever know
And I won't ever let you go
Men star right, Left Allemande
Right and Left Grand
Keep trying babe keep holding on
Swing and Promenade
Where things are good, Where love is strong...

Heads (Sides) Promenade Halfway around
Walk in Right and Left Thru
Sides (Heads) Square Thru Four hands
Dosado, Swing Thru
Boys Trade, Single Hinge, Scootback
Swing your corner and Promenade
I never ever will desert you when your heart is torn
No no never – No, no neve

SP1014 No No Never
Release Date: September 2012
BPM: 126
Vocals - Andrea Braun
Original recording by Texas Lightning