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Square Dance Music for Callers and Dancers

SP1051 Cryin' Waitin' Hopin'
Release Date: September 2014
BPM: 126
Vocals - Lorne Clayton
Original recording by Buddy Holly
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(Cue Sheet Sample)
Sides face grand square
Cryin’, Waitin’, Hopin’ that you'll come back
I just can't seem to get you off my mind Allemande left and weave
I’m Cryin’, Waitin’, Hopin that you'll come back
You're the one I love, and I think about you all of the time

Heads (Sides) square thru 4 hands round
Round the corner do si do and then Swing Thru, Boys run right
Tag the line go all the way through and Clover leaf and then
Girls square thru 3 hands round Swing the corner Promanade on down
Maybe someday soon things will change and you'll be mine