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Square Dance Music for Callers and Dancers

SP1068 Can’t Stop Me Now
Release Date: September 2015
BPM: 124
Vocals - Wil Stans
Original recording by Rod Stewart
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(Cue Sheet Sample)
Heads Face Grand Square
I stood up straight and sang
For the record company man
My enthusiasm filled the room
I was young and I was keen
With the devil in my stream
I hollered out Allemande left and weave

They can't stop me now, the world is waiting
It's my turn to stand out in the crowd
They can't stop me now, the tide is turning
I'm gonna make you proud
Heads (Sides) Square thru 4 hands and now you do
Do Sa Do that corner one time

You Swing Thru and then, Spin the Top I say
Boys move up, Spin the Top again

You Swing Thru and then, you Swing the Corner Girl
Promenade that Lady round you know

I will climb this mountain with this god given gift
If it's the last thing that I do