Shindig Productions

Square Dance Music for Callers and Dancers

SP1093 My Dear
Release Date: May 2017
BPM: 124
Vocals: Ralf & Fiona Bender from Sting Productions
Sponsored by: Antje Boeker-Woehlert from Germany
Original recording by Katzenjammer
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(Cue Sheet Sample)
Original Recording by Katzenjammer
SD Vocals by Ralf and Fiona Bender (Sting Productions)
Circle Left
When the night is over
When the moonlight's gone
Allemande Left, Turn your Partner Right
Allemande Left & Weave that ring
Will you still kiss my neck, My Dear, My Dear
Will you dance when I ask, My Dear, My Dear
Will you walk out ahead, My Dear, My Dear
Or will you stay in bed

Figures 1 & 4
Heads you Square Thru go 4 now
Find your corner Touch ¼, Centres Trade, Swing Thru
And the Centres Run, Tag the Line go all the way thru Face Out,
Bend the Line, Square Thru go 3
Swing your Corner, Promenade
When your mind is sober and I'm (getting dressed)