Shindig Productions

Square Dance Music for Callers and Dancers

(Cue Sheet Sample)
Original Recording by Cole Swindell
SD Vocals by Gene Turner and Cliff Anderton
(On beat 12, Call: Sides Face Grand Square)
Dang, Girl, Look At You Stoppin' Me In My Boots
What's A Country Boy To Do But Say Uh Huh
Smile Beatin' My Chest Up, You're Downright Dangerous
That Shake In Your Giddy Up, Allemande Left & Weave that ring
Sippin' On This 7-7, Never Been This Close To Heaven
Got Her Pretty Turned Up To 11 Swing & Promenade Her Home
Somebody Better Call A Doctor… She's A Little Heart Stopper
I'm Talkin' Breaker One Niner… She's A Flatliner

Heads/Sides Promenade & Go Halfway Around The Ring You Know
Down The Middle & Square Thru…  4 Hands Around You Do
All The Way & When You’re There
Right & Left Thru With The Outside Pair
Veer left… & Couples Circulate One Time You Go
Half-Tag I’m Done...    Scoot Back Everyone

Swing This Girl & Take Her Hand, Promenade Around The Land
Oh My, See The Light, I Don't Mean The Neon Kind
One Kiss From You Tonight And Send Me On To The Other Side

SP1096 Flatliner
Release Date: September 2017
BPM: 124
Vocals: Gene Tuner and Cliff Anderton
Original recording by Cole Swindell ft Dierks Bentley