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New Releases

New Releases

Hi everyone
We have a new release for you.
Singing call SP1113 "Don't Let Your Love Start Slippin' Away" originally recorded by Vince Gill.
The song reached the top of the Billboard Country charts in October 1992
The song has vocals by Gene Turner, Harmony Squares, Knaresborough, England

SP1113 Don't Let Your Love Start Slippin' Away - Vocal - $7.50

SP1113 - Instrumental
Scroll down for Cue Sheet Sample

(Cue Sheet Sample)
Original Recording by Vince Gill
SD Vocals by Gene Turner

Circle Left
We've been up… All night long
Allemande Left Trying to solve a problem
Dosado at home, it's almost dawn
Girls Star Right, One time tonight
Meet that man Star Thru, Promenade
Cause I ain't given' up and you ain't givin' in

Heads (Sides) you Promenade half way
(Down the Middle)… Pass the Ocean there
Extend… Girls Trade… Swing Thru…
Boys Cross Run… Girls Run… All Wheel Around…
Chain Down the Line
Keep this girl and Promenade home
Don't let our love start slippin '
Love start slipping' away

Circle Left
A wounded love… Walks a real thin line
Boys Star Right, once tonight
Allemande Left that Corner… Dosado
and the Boys Star Left, one time around
Reach out Star Promenade that lady home for me
Don't let our love start slippin '
Love start slipping' away

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