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New Release

We have released a new Singing Call.
SP1107 Glass of Champagne

Originally recorded in 1975 by a group called "Sailor", it reached No.2 in the UK charts in 1976.
The Square Dance vocals are by Cliff Anderton of Harmony Squares,Yorkshire, England
assisted by Gene Turner on Triangle.
If you've never heard the song before it can be found on the YouTube link
As far as I'm aware this was their only hit, it's a great song.

SP1107 Glass of Champagne - Vocal

SP1107 Glass of Champagne - Instrumental

(Cue Sheet Sample)
Original Recording by Sailor
SD Vocals by Cliff Anderton

On the 12th Beat Call

Sides Face Grand Square
I've Got The Money, I've Got The Place
You've Got The Figure, You've Got The Face
Let's Get Together, The Two Of Us Over A Glass of Champagne
Four Ladies Chain, Over and Back
I've Got The Music, I've Got The Lights
You've Got The Figure Full Of Delights
Let's Get Together, The Two Of Us Over A Glass Of

Heads (Sides) Star Thru, Pass Thru, Slide Thru
Pass the Ocean, Swing Thru
Girls Circulate and Boys Trade
Boys Run, Couples Circulate
Boys Run, Girls Circulate
Swing and Promenade
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah!

Allemande Left in the Alamo Style
Balance There A While...
Swing Thru and Balance Once Again You Do
Swing Thru, turn your Partner by the Right
Allemande Left and Right and Left Grand
I've Been Waiting Much Too Long
Swing and Promenade
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah... Oh Yeah!

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