SP1040 Moonlight Shadow


SP1040 Moonlight Shadow
Release Date: April 2014
BPM: 126
Vocals – Andrea Braun
Original recording by Mike Oldfield/Maggie Riley



(Cue Sheet Sample)
Circle left
The last that she ever saw him
Carried away by a moonlight shadow
Allemande left the corner now Dosado
Allemande left weave the ring now
Lost in a riddle last Saturday night
Dosado you Swing, Promenade
He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight
And she couldn’t find how to push through

Heads Square thru take it 4 now
Meet the CornerTouch 1/4, Split Circulate Boys Run
Reverse Flutter Wheel, Right & Left Thru
Square Thru 3 hands you know, Promenade around the ring
He was shot six times by a man on the run
And she couldn’t find how to push through

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