SP1046 The Edge of Glory


SP1046 The Edge of Glory
Release Date: June 2014
BPM: 126
Vocals – Andrea Braun
Original recording by Lady Gaga



(Cue Sheet Sample)
Circle Left
There ain’t no reason you and me should be alone tonight
Yeah baby, tonight, Yeah baby
Walk around your corner see saw your own
Allemande Left and then you Weave
I need a guy who thinks it’s right when it’s wrong
Swing your girl and then you all Promanade
Right to the limit where we know we both belong tonight

Heads (Sides) Promanade and travel half way around now
Walk in and Square Thru 4 hands you know
Go all the way and then you Swing Thru and then
Boys Run Right and Ferris Wheel
Square Thru 3 Hands Swing you Corner
Swing her round and then you’ll all Promanade
I’m on the Edge of Glory and I’m hanging on a moment with you

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