SP1077 Shine Your Way


SP1077 Shine Your Way
Release Date: May 2016
BPM: 126
Vocals – Matthew Mills
Original recording by Owl City, Yuna



(Cue Sheet Sample)
Circle Left
Just before the dawn
When the lights still gone
Shine, shine your way
Allemande Left, turn your partner right, men star left
Turn partner right, allemande left and promenade
Shine, shine, shine
Shine your way

All Figures
Heads promenande half way round the world
and square thru 4, Shine your way
right and left Thru and half sashay
pass thru, trade by, touch 1/4, split cir twice
swing and promenade
Feed the feeling in your heart,
Don’t conceal it then you’ll start
To find, find your way

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