SP1080 Completely


SP1080 Completely
Release Date: June 2016
BPM: 128
Vocals – Di Green
Original recording by Caro Emerald



(Cue Sheet Sample)
Head ladies Centre Tea Cup Chain, Go Girls
I recall the days that I was single
 Used to flirt, fool around and mingle
Then you came along and suddenly it changed completely
Allemande Left and Weave
Now some girls fall and others keep on playin’
Forget the now Swing your girl and Promenade her
I know it’s wrong, you came along,
I changed Completely

Heads Square Thru 4, four hands around you go
Dosado the corner once around you know
Touch a Quarter, Scoot Back across and then
Boys Fold Double Pass Thru, Girls U Turn back, Touch a Quarter,
Girls Trade, Recycle round
Swing the corner Promenade
Then you came along and suddenly it changed Completely

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