SP1089 Celebrity


SP1089 Celebrity
Release Date: January 2017
BPM: 126
Vocals – Kevin Lovell
Original recording by Brad Paisley



(Cue Sheet Sample)
Heads Square Thru 4 hands around now
Dosado that corner girl
Veer Left and the Ladies Chain
You send her back with a Dixie Style
Boys you Trade then Recycle
Veer Right and all Promenade
Can’t wait to date a supermodel
  …  Sides Face Grand Square

‘Cos when you’re a Celebrity It’s adios reality
You can act just like a fool, people think you’re cool
Just ‘coz your on TV
Allemande Left and Weave
And I can throw a major fit, When my latte isn’t just how I like it
When they say I’ve gone insane, I’ll blame it on the fame
And the pressures that go with, being a Celebrity

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