SP1096 Flatliner


SP1096 Flatliner
Release Date: September 2017
BPM: 124
Vocals: Gene Tuner and Cliff Anderton
Original recording by Cole Swindell ft Dierks Bentley



(Cue Sheet Sample
Original Recording by Cole Swindell
SD Vocals by Gene Turner and Cliff Anderton
(On beat 12, Call: Sides Face Grand Square)
Dang, Girl, Look At You Stoppin’ Me In My Boots
What’s A Country Boy To Do But Say Uh Huh
Smile Beatin’ My Chest Up, You’re Downright Dangerous
That Shake In Your Giddy Up, Allemande Left & Weave that ring
Sippin’ On This 7-7, Never Been This Close To Heaven
Got Her Pretty Turned Up To 11 Swing & Promenade Her Home
Somebody Better Call A Doctor… She’s A Little Heart Stopper
I’m Talkin’ Breaker One Niner… She’s A Flatliner

Heads/Sides Promenade & Go Halfway Around The Ring You Know
Down The Middle & Square Thru…  4 Hands Around You Do
All The Way & When You’re There
Right & Left Thru With The Outside Pair
Veer left… & Couples Circulate One Time You Go
Half-Tag I’m Done…    Scoot Back Everyone
Swing This Girl & Take Her Hand, Promenade Around The Land
Oh My, See The Light, I Don’t Mean The Neon Kind
One Kiss From You Tonight And Send Me On To The Other Side

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