SP1100 Oh Carol


SP1100 Oh Carol
Release Date: August 2017
BPM: 128
Vocals: Glenn Wilson
Original recording by Neil Sedaka



(Cue Sheet Sample)
Original Recording Neil Sedaka
SD Vocals by Glenn Wilson
Sides Face, Grand Square
Oh Carol…..I am but a fool
Darling, I love you….. though you treat me cruel
4 Ladies Chain across the ring You hurt me
Chain ‘em Back, And you make me cry, Promenade
But if you leave me….I will surely die

Figure 1
Head 2 Couples Promenade go Halfway
Walk in & Square Thru go 4
All the way, a R & L Thru
Veer Left and then, Couples Circulate
1/2 Tag and now you Scoot Back
Swing & Promenade her
Ohhh Carol….I’m so in love with you

Figure 2
Head Couples Promenade Halfway round
A Right & Left Thru
Flutter Wheel across the floor, Sweep 1/4 more
Pass Thru, Tch 1/4, Scoot Back and then
Swing & Promenade her
But if you leave me….I will surely die

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