SP1112 Blood Red Roses

SP1112 Blood Red Roses
Release Date: August 2019
BPM: 124
Vocals: Cliff Anderton
Original recording by Rod Stewart



New releases for August 2019
SP1112 Blood Red Roses by Rod Stewart – Square Dance Vocals by Cliff Anderton.
The song is the title track off the 2018 album of the same name.
It’s a traditional Sea Shanty about Whaling Ships and the men who harpooned the Whales.


(Cue Sheet Sample)
Original Recording by Rod Stewart
SD Vocals by Cliff Anderton

16-beat lead in:
On beat 12 call: (Sides Face Grand Square)
Sailing out of Boston one hundred days at sea
On the good ship Bonadventure, a’whaling men are we
We set sail for the Cape horn, where the seas are cold as ice
The wind will bite right through you like a thousand starving mice
Men Star Left one time around you go
Star Thru, California Twirl
Promenade her home
Go down you blood red roses
Go down you pinks and posies

Heads Promenade 1/2 way around the ring
Sides Square Thru 4 hands around I sing
All the way & then a Right & Left Thru for me
With an Eight-Chain-Six get it moving around you see
Go down you blood red roses
Go down you swing & promenade
Go down you blood red roses
Go down you pinks and posies

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