SP1130 Guantanamera

SP1130 Guantanamera
Release Date: January 2021
BPM: 130
Duration: 07:07

Original recording by The Sandpipers



New Patter Release January 2021
SP1130 Guantanamera

Guantanamera” (Spanish: (the woman) from Guantánamo)[1] is perhaps the best-known Cuban song and that country’s most-noted patriotic song, especially when using a poem by the Cuban poet José Martí for the lyrics. The official writing credits have been given to Joseíto Fernández, who first popularized the song on radio as early as 1929 (although it is unclear when the first release as a record occurred). In 1966, a version by American vocal group the Sandpipers, based on an arrangement by the Weavers from their May 1963 Carnegie Hall Reunion concert, became an international hit.

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