SP1149 Around my Dreams

SP1149 Around my Dreams
Release Date: January 2022
BPM: 120
Duration: 07:30

Original recording by Silver Pozzoli



New Patter Release 
SP1149 Around my Dreams

Pozzoli was part of the Italian band Club House, who released several Italo house records such as “I’m a Man/Yeké Yeké Medley” and “Do It Again Medley with Billie Jean”.
Several of his singles were top 30 hits across Europe; “Around My Dream” (1985), “Step by Step” (1985), and “Mad Desire” as Den Harrow (1984).
In 1992, Pozzoli released the single “Sing Sing Sing-Along (Around My Dream)”, a remix of the original 1985 version, in Germany on the ZYX label.
The Eurodance single “Don’t Forget Me” was released in 1994 in Italy under PL and licensed in Germany under ZYX.
In 2005, Hot Steppaz remixed “Around My Dream”; the single was released in Germany on the Dance Street label.

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